Go Speedracer Go!

smhordeOn the Horde side of things, I normally run the Nax runs on progressive nights.  Progressive nights are nights when we try to bring in the big guns and push that final couple of feet.  Now, when I lead, I push full force.  I’m a huge fan of kill first, rejoice later.  I love chain pulling, short explanations, and one shooting bosses.  I strive for this in all my raids I run.  Fortunately I have a group of great people I lead.  They understand my philosophies for raiding and they all understand and comply.  What more can a raid leader want?

One important key to my speed runs is that my OT needs to know when and where to pull.  Normally I and the OT alternate chain pulling and the OT needs to know when to pull and where to.  So far, I’ve been very fortunate to have some smart OTs.  No, they aren’t perfect, but neither am I.  I’m trying to teach them the ropes and telling them that mistakes happen.  The ones in my guild are quick learners.

Another key is having great healers.  To have two tanks constantly pulling, healers need to be on target, and know how to manage their mana well.  I’ve been in a lot of guilds, Horde and Alliance, and I will tell you that the healers we have in this guild are some of the best I’ve had the honor of grouping with.  They know how to play their class, their instincts are sharp, and they know their class well.

Lastly, DPS… oh my dps.  DPS is the biggest piece of the puzzle.  This is because different class compositions, different dps ranges, etc. can make the difference from a slow, turtle run, and a quick smooth one.  However, no matter what, your DPS has to be able to follow directions, focus, and play their class well.  For the most part, most of our DPS is doing quite well.  They all follow directions really well.  Most of them have good enough instincts to make moves without me saying so.  That makes me so happy. 🙂  They are improving on their focus and class, getting better gear, learning their specs and rotations.

We seem to be improving from week to week and hopefully soon we will be clearing Nax in no time.  With the current people we got, I have no doubt we will.  Keep up the good work.


~ by klaki on April 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Go Speedracer Go!”

  1. Dude, we are glad to have an awesome raid leader like you!!

  2. Thanks X! It’s good to be appreciated, however, if it weren’t for the people I’m leading, none of this would get done. So kudos to you all. I’m just glad I can help. I love running with you guys and gals.

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