Double the fun!

allyhordbanThis past raiding week was a great one.  Both of my alliance and horde guilds successfully downed KT and cleared Nax.

Though the first raiding day was slow and painful, the cleanup session was anything but that.  Everyone was on target with one goal in mind…. clear Nax ASAP!  We blew through the rest of the wings with some amazing DPS.  No boss had a chance against us.  With that amount of firepower we were carrying, we should have raised the terrorist alert level up at least one level.  After clearing the wings, Saph was next.  Saph tried putting up a fight, but it was no use.  On our second attempt, we showed him who’s boss!  We were!  Last, but not least, was good ol’ KT.  After our first couple of wipes, I started to think that we would have to regroup on our last raid night to down him, but no!  Then, it seemed we got a second wind and finally took him down.  It was a grueling fight with many deaths, but victory was ours.  In turn, my wife was rewarded with a great new one handed sword.

On horde, things went so smooth, I felt like I was chillin’ listening to some good ol’ blues music.  We finished the Construct with little to no problem.  We had some new people with us, and let me tell you, they definitely stepped up to the plate.  After making the Construct wing look like Deadmines, we changed our sites to Saph.  It was a joke!  At no point were we close to wiping.  Everyone did exactly what they were suppose to do, even the new people.  We had some excellent heals and dps, and Saph folded like a cheap lawn chair.  Then, we all charge on to KT on a great high.  Last time we fought him, he got the best of us with people going down left and right because of the ice blocks.  Not this time!  After one learning attempt, we took it serious and took him down for the guild’s first Nax clear!  The healers were on point!  Nobody died because of ice blocks.  We had one death, but after they got the battle rez, we were good for the rest of the fight.  I credit this kill to the excellent heals we got, great job to those who know who they are.

Well, there you have it.  I wish all raid weeks could go this well.  Don’t you?!


~ by klaki on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Double the fun!”

  1. yay, 2 weeks in a row horde side kicking KT’s …. hmmm..whatever it has for a rear. Fun stuff.

  2. Hmmm…. backside of a pelvis 🙂 It’s great that we have progressed as much as to being able to clear Nax on a more regular basis. We need to set our sites on the next big thing now 🙂

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