Nobelgarden Fail Part Deux

eggfailYesterday I posted on the piece of poo called an egg hunt.  Today I want to finish off my Noblegarden posts for this year (omg!  If I can withstand another year of this, God has truly blessed me then).  Now, I don’t want to talk about all of the achievements, because most of them are pointless wastes of time.  I’m sure we all love to fly all over Blizzard’s Multi-colored World to plant stupid flowers.  The sad thing is that someone had to endure the torture of the egg hunt for you to do this quest, just like all the other ones.

Poo!  Got off topic once again.  The achievement I wanted to talk about was the Shake Your Bunny Maker achievement.  Now personally, I think Blizzard spends more time choosing clever achievement names than actually designing the achievements themselves.  This wonderfully named achievement was nothing but wonderful.  Now I’m sure most of the females thought it was so cute putting bunny ears on people.  The problem with this achievement were two things.  First was that there was timer on the ears.  I know it was only two minutes, but still waiting in front of a person just to “bunny” them seems like an eternity.  This also gives an opportunity for rude people to do what they do best; be rude.  Story time!  I was Dalaran on my Alliance toon staring at this female Orc; waiting for the timer to go off.  She is looking around so I do most men have to do to get ANYTHING from a woman, I beg! (ok, that was a joke, plz don’t hurt me 🙂 ) So I try to emote this orc so she’ll pay attention to me.  Finally she points at me and nods.  I’m happy because it’s the last thing I need for the achievement.  So here we are waiting, because she apparently didn’t know she could right click the buff off.  So, I’m waiting…. waiting… waiting…. pull out a cot… and with about 5 seconds left, she laughs at me and runs into the Horde only area!  Epic fail!  People like that should be restricted to lvl 10 so real players can actually have fun.  Anyway…. that brings me to the second annoying thing… the lack of female Orcs/Dwarves/Trolls.  A lot of people were having some issues finding these types.  Why don’t many people play them?  Is it because they are unappealing?  Do they walk funny? (female Trolls do, but I’ve learned to cope with that)  I don’t know.  I did find a wonderful female dwarf just sitting in front of a Dalaran bank letting people “bunny” her.  However, for the rest…. nothing is as pathetic, yet funny, than a big mob chasing a female troll around Dalaran waiting for her ears to go away.  It was like group of starving dogs going for the last piece of steak.  It was like the female troll was like the last woman on Earth and all the guys… well I think you all get the picture.  So it was quite insane chasing people around.  Good thing for me, I play both sides, and I have a wonderful guilde that was nice enough to meet me someone so I could “bunny” her and get the achievement.

In closing, Noblegarden was a big fat waste of space.  It was just full of frustration and discontent with teh rewards.  Way to fail Blizz!


~ by klaki on May 5, 2009.

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