Guild Shopping

smallySo my wife and I are guild shopping on the Alliance side.  We left our old guild for various reasons.  One of the major reasons was how some of the people in the guild were treated.  They were treated badly by any officer, but by other people.  When we tried to bring this issue to the officers, nothing was done.  Well, if people are going to mistreat my friends, I don’t want no part of it.  I have more respect for them.

So that now leads us into the glorious task of guild shopping!  You would think that it would be very easy to find a guild…. *BUZZ* wrong!  I’m very picky and indecisive.  I mean I’m “take 10-15 minutes to order something at McD’s” indecisive.  It drives my wife to the crazy house!  However, when it comes to a guild, it’s good to be those things.  Look at it this way… you pay $15ish a month to play this game.  Now who wants to pay to play in a guild where they are miserable?  Not I fo sho!

For me, there are certain things I look for in a guild.  One is raiding.  Yes, I like to see new stuff because, really, farming and doing dailies can only occupy me for so long.  Since I raid on Horde I have to be very strict about a guilds raid schedule and raid attendance policy.

The next two things I look at are hard to find out based of “interviews” or “applications”.  This is why I always tell potential GMs that I will be joining on a trial basis, because yeah, you are trying to seel yourself to them, but they are trying to do the same to you.

The next I look for guild activity.  What I mean about this is that sometimes guilds become dormant and are not very active amongst themselves.  Now I’ve been in guilds with 15-20 people on line, but whenever you ask to do something, you hear crickets.  Nobody wants to do squat but their normal routine of dailies, farming, and whatever else they do when they aren’t raiding.  I need a guild that’s willing to help and do things with one another.  This helps build relationships.  WoW is more about people than loot; well at least to me it is.

The last main thing I look for is guild atmosphere.  What I mean by that are the attitudes, demeanors, and behavior of the guild members.  The last thing I want is to get into a guild with a bad habit of tell dirty jokes all the time.  Now I’m no prude and refuse to listen to bad language all together.  I’ve got quite a few friends that sometimes talk like sailors, but I don’t want to be around it all the time.  Also, peoples attitudes and how they treat others means a lot.  This right here is normally the deal breaker for me.  Call me a snob if you will, but I want to enjoy myself, and for me to do that, I need not be around these types of people.  Also, I don’t make fun of them, I do a good job of avoiding them.

So…. we are not on the search for the utopia that is called the perfect guild!  I know it doesn’t exist, but hey, I’ll settle for close enough 🙂  As of right now, we’ve tried one guild and it didn’t last long for guild activity (other than raiding) was too numb for us.  Anything being said in gchat was a rarity, and during the raids, talk was almost non-existent it seemed.  Its ok, there are some great people in there, it just wasn’t for us.  Now we currently trying our 2nd guild in the search…. more to come…. stay tuned!  Da Da Daaaaaaaaa


~ by klaki on May 15, 2009.

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