It’s the Running of the Gauntlet

smhordeSometimes in life things go wrong so bad and so often that you have no choice but to laugh at it.  On Monday night, I definitely had one of those episodes.

After having a blast in Ulduar on Thursday, we decided to lighten up some and down some good ol’ Nax bosses.  We had only 9 people online when the raid started, but hey, that’s not going to stop us.  Pwning with only 9 people is how we roll.  So we blow through the spider wing (which we wiped once because of totem wasn’t doing its job, and we had some weird repops) and our priest got some shiny upgrades.  Next the people decided to quickly down the Plague wing next.  Oh!  Quickly was not the term for it.  Let’s use painful and long.

We were running on all cylinders pwning Noth and Heigan.  Heals were good, DPS was great, and our druid was nice enough to OT for me, and he did a great job.  We were all having a blast doing the safety dance and slapping Heigan around.  Once he did go down was the beginning of the end.

We all gathered as we were preparing to run the gauntlet.  The gauntlet, for those not familiar with Nax, is a small section in between Heigan and Loatheb where Eye Stalkers and Worms subside.  the reason they call it a gauntlet is because they respawn fairly quickly, so a group must keep going or they will have to continue to fight.  Well, we all gather, all is set, and we are off.  Things start ok… well until a couple of Eye Stalkers take out both of our healers (poor clothies).  Well, since we don’t have a lock in the group, we have no choice but to go back and run it again.  I thought it would be best that I run them through trying to aggro all I can while the rest wait for us…. man was  wrong!

At the point in time another person logged on and decided to join us to finish off the wing and down Loatheb.  So the four of us (pally, 2 priests, and a DK) line up, and go!  Run! Run! However, run as fast as they could, everyone died but one of the priest.  Luckily the DK was close enough to be rezzed, but for me and the other priest, back to the start.  Now note, when I say back to the start, I mean release and run ALL THE WAY back to place.  This is very time consuming.

Now me and this priest run the gauntlet over and over and over.  We tried everything except hacking the WoW code to turn on God Mode!  No matter how we bubbled/LoH/HoF/or any other arrangement of letters including HeLP! we could not get the priest through the gauntlet.  We had people on the other end trying to heal/run in to distract/juggle flaming swords/everything and it just seemed that fate mocked us and laughed while we vigorously tried to get him across.

As I was running out of patience, which by the way, takes quite some time, we decided to do a mass suicide and all of us try to get across again.  This time, fate must have cut us some slack for we all but one made it, and luckily they were close enough to be rezzed.  So to end the tale, we go in and take out all of our frustrations on Loatheb the Unfortunate 🙂  We pwned him like he stole our last cookie…. and we LOVE cookies!

Mmmmmm….. Cookies (for those who don’t like cookies, replace it with your favorite snack)


~ by klaki on May 20, 2009.

9 Responses to “It’s the Running of the Gauntlet”

  1. I think the true pain was not captured here. It took over 45 minutes to run everyone thru something that when lucky takes just seconds. Yes X, you are the target of this post.

    Also, it was cool actually downing bosses with just 9 and 2 healers- woot T&X! Grats to Kram for his T7 Shoulders!

  2. 45 mins…. minor details 🙂 Hey, I can barely remember anything let alone the time it took for us to move past that God-forsaken place. lol

    And yes, X&T did a great job healing. Now we just need to work on that survivability thing.

    Also, to note… if everyone knew X’s record with Frogger, then this comes to no surprise 🙂

  3. Firstly, I have never failed so hard at the gauntlet before. Maybe I should have suspected something when T asked me to carry “the package”. As for frogger, it is a lag glitch, it is not my fault, I LAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p I do find it funny that it would have taken less time for us to 2 man Heigan then to get me to run 60 yards in a straight line.

  4. WTB update

  5. sry, it’s been a rough past few days, plus it was a holiday weekend. i’ll post today or tomorrow.

  6. lol @ X, i was going to write the same thing.

  7. sry, an update might have to wait til monday. work has been crippling 🙂 that and RL stuff has got me down.

  8. Uld was a blast! Sry you had to miss it man. We pwned in your honor! lol

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