You Know You’re Addicted To WoW When…

smhordeLet me jump right into the story and then the title will make sense to all 3 of my readers out there….

Last week I was invited to DPS Heroic Violet Hold.  Too my surprise, my buddy X was healing it.  I was like “Oh yeah!  This is going to be awesome!”  The first go around we were hit with one of the annoying bugs inside VH.  The gate guardian that guards the portal closest to the door went underground and wouldn’t come back up.  We tried everything to get the mob to appear, but nope…. we had to continue killing the new portals while killing the constant stream of adds of that one portal.  We downed one boss this way.  However, it seems too much in the end.

The second boss we got was the lovely mage boss.  The first time we fought him, the tank started on the left side and speed tanked him to the right.  This caused two problems.  The first is that the healer did have time to heal because they were constantly trying to keep up.  The second is that one of the orb came up the rubble ramp and trapped us in.  The next time we tried we had him start at the rubble ramp, but again he went too fast and we got trapped.  Finally we go him to slow down to allow the other orb to come to the rubble ramp and we pwned the boss with ease.

Now you are probably thinking “How does this go with the title?!”  Well, I just wanted to build the tension. (Well not really, but I thought I might as well tell you all how bad the run was).  Anyway, after we downed the 2nd boss, the tank started chatting it up.  During this chat of his, he mentioned that he didn’t think that VH could last so long.  He also mentioned that he wanted the legs off the last boss, and that this was taking so long that he had passed up on “a night with his wife” for the chance to get these legs.  For those who don’t get the ” “s, it means he passed on sex to have a chance at the legs!

Now, when I read this I was speechless.  I mean I know WoW is fun, and getting phat lootz, but to pass on that for WoW!  And to boot, to pass on that for a CHANCE to get a drop (which btw DIDN’T drop, I lol’d at that).  I made the appropriate remark afterwards of “You passed on a night with your wife for this….. PRIORITIES!” (paraphrased because I knew what I said but exact words escape me atm…. i’m getting old).  I can’t speak for all men apparently, but if I were in that situation… forget that….  If I were in the middle of Ulduar and we were mid-fight about to get a progression kill, and my wife “called me”, I’m sure the next thing you would hear in vent would be “Why isn’t the tank tanking?!”  I would be gone.

Maybe that’s just me?!  Is anyone else with me?!  I don’t mean to come off as a sex driven maniac, but come on.  Put both on the scale…. intimate night full of cuddling, chatting, and other things…. and WoW on the other.  How can a man not choose the 1st?!  How can a piece of loot (something you can try for the next day) can before the love for a man’s wife.  I love my wife more than anything (besides God of course), and I cherish every moment I can spend with her, especially in a more deep intimate way.

So in conclusion… add “You Know You’re Addicted To WoW When You Pass Up A Night With Your Wife” to the list!


~ by klaki on May 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “You Know You’re Addicted To WoW When…”

  1. If I had to chose between wow and a night with my wife -I am not married, nor am I taken for all those lovely ladies who are looking out there 😉 – I would try and do both at the same time, I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to include details as to how I would do this, but I would hope that she is “flexible” and I would have to stay off of vent….. ….. ….. 😛


  2. I’m trying to not have the comments go as far down hill as I think they may… But in response to X… maybe if you’re a priest you can throw hots to buy some time, but as a holy pally- not a chance.

    I’m with you H- especially for a heroic are you KIDDING me?! At least it wasn’t a choice between that and badges that would be sad.

    I’ve missed you all- glad to see things are going well since I’ve been so MIA lately. see you when I’m older:):)

  3. I’ve seen pictures of you X, she would definitely have to be the flexible one 🙂 I can’t say anything, I’m the same way. Anywho… yeah, the thought of it boggles the mind.

    Yes Mr. Mango, we sure do miss ya. When are we going camping up in X’s hood?

  4. Since when is Ottawa a ghetto?

  5. Since it was in Canada… so since like forever 🙂

  6. You do know that Ottawa is 150 Years old right? and that it wasn’t always called Ottawa

  7. The Bytown Ghetto eh?!

  8. We call it the fish market

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