A Second Wind

smallyEver since the patch 3.2 and the new badges/gear/instances/etc. I haven’t really looked back at my Shaman other than the occasional “I’ll level her for about 10-15 minutes until someone pulls me into another heroic/raid for more badges”. My poor Shammy whom I love so much had been stuck at level 74 for quite some time. Well, this weekend I got a second wind and she is now half way through level 77. The best part is that I didn’t spend too long leveling her either.

Now, I use quest helper normally to help me run through quests fairly fast, but this weekend, it was turned off. I am currently questing in Dragonblight, but this weekend I didn’t set one foot in Dragonblight. One of my favorite ways to level is to just run instances constantly. Unfortunately finding groups for non-heroics is getting harder and harder and I only ended up running like one or two this weekend. So, if you’re still wondering how I managed to gain about 3.5 levels in no time when I didn’t quest or do many instances, then I’ll tell you. It’s my NEW favorite way to level…. Alterac Valley!

Yes! With the new “BGs give you experience” I PvPed my way to 77. It is totally awesome! I wish it was like this from the very start. At first I tried all the BGs numerous times trying to do the daily PvP quest and such, but I found out that AV was the best way to level. Getting 18k XP for one tower capture and 24k XP for a win, I found out that AV was leveling me a lot faster than any other BG. To top this off, Alliance has been pwning most of the days this weekend, so XP was in plethora this weekend.

Now I will tell you that there was sooooo much complaining going on in AV. All the high levels were complaining about little o’ low level people like me in there trying to level. You know what, I don’t blame them when 85-90% of the raid can get one shotted by 80s. There was one time where I was in there with Galv and two Horde 80s came in and wiped us all out…. all 13 or so of us. It was quite hysterical though. With things like that, people constantly argued back and forth because being low level and some not being AV experienced, made some games difficult.

However though, I played this whole PvP thing the smart way. For all of this I went Resto and it was totally worth it. I didn’t want to feel stupid trying to DPS as a low level and barely do any dmg to anyone, so I decided to heal other because my heals (however small at 1st) would help no matter what. After doing all this, I’m really liking Resto. It is an awesome feeling when one of your teammates is about to die then BAM! I heal em up and they pwn the enemy. I saved numerous people and not one person complained about me being there šŸ™‚

There were a couple of times where the Horde were turtling and me and a few 80 DPS sneaked past the front line and captured a few towers, like a 4 man ninja squad completing a mission from behind enemy lines…. so awesome.

This is one of the few times where I say Thank you Blizz. Now once I’m 80 I can start complaining about lowbies too šŸ™‚


~ by klaki on September 8, 2009.

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