Guild Shopping

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smallySo my wife and I are guild shopping on the Alliance side.  We left our old guild for various reasons.  One of the major reasons was how some of the people in the guild were treated.  They were treated badly by any officer, but by other people.  When we tried to bring this issue to the officers, nothing was done.  Well, if people are going to mistreat my friends, I don’t want no part of it.  I have more respect for them.

So that now leads us into the glorious task of guild shopping!  You would think that it would be very easy to find a guild…. *BUZZ* wrong!  I’m very picky and indecisive.  I mean I’m “take 10-15 minutes to order something at McD’s” indecisive.  It drives my wife to the crazy house!  However, when it comes to a guild, it’s good to be those things.  Look at it this way… you pay $15ish a month to play this game.  Now who wants to pay to play in a guild where they are miserable?  Not I fo sho!

For me, there are certain things I look for in a guild.  One is raiding.  Yes, I like to see new stuff because, really, farming and doing dailies can only occupy me for so long.  Since I raid on Horde I have to be very strict about a guilds raid schedule and raid attendance policy.

The next two things I look at are hard to find out based of “interviews” or “applications”.  This is why I always tell potential GMs that I will be joining on a trial basis, because yeah, you are trying to seel yourself to them, but they are trying to do the same to you.

The next I look for guild activity.  What I mean about this is that sometimes guilds become dormant and are not very active amongst themselves.  Now I’ve been in guilds with 15-20 people on line, but whenever you ask to do something, you hear crickets.  Nobody wants to do squat but their normal routine of dailies, farming, and whatever else they do when they aren’t raiding.  I need a guild that’s willing to help and do things with one another.  This helps build relationships.  WoW is more about people than loot; well at least to me it is.

The last main thing I look for is guild atmosphere.  What I mean by that are the attitudes, demeanors, and behavior of the guild members.  The last thing I want is to get into a guild with a bad habit of tell dirty jokes all the time.  Now I’m no prude and refuse to listen to bad language all together.  I’ve got quite a few friends that sometimes talk like sailors, but I don’t want to be around it all the time.  Also, peoples attitudes and how they treat others means a lot.  This right here is normally the deal breaker for me.  Call me a snob if you will, but I want to enjoy myself, and for me to do that, I need not be around these types of people.  Also, I don’t make fun of them, I do a good job of avoiding them.

So…. we are not on the search for the utopia that is called the perfect guild!  I know it doesn’t exist, but hey, I’ll settle for close enough 🙂  As of right now, we’ve tried one guild and it didn’t last long for guild activity (other than raiding) was too numb for us.  Anything being said in gchat was a rarity, and during the raids, talk was almost non-existent it seemed.  Its ok, there are some great people in there, it just wasn’t for us.  Now we currently trying our 2nd guild in the search…. more to come…. stay tuned!  Da Da Daaaaaaaaa


How sweet it is!

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smhorde“How sweet it is to be loved by you!”  Everyone (ok, just us old people) knows that song, but you know what is almost as sweet?  Having a nice string of smooth, quick, and fun runs of various heroics.

Things are so awesome on the Horde side right now.  Everyone is having a good time, always wanting to run something.  To me, that’s a great thing for sometimes I tend to get bored doing the normal routine of dailies and farming (which we all know how I feel about farming… /poke eyes out).  So this past week I’ve ran a few heroics with some guildes, and they all went awesomely!

Last week, I had gotten on and the only other person on was our GM.  He was in a funk, and they mentioned that they still needed heroic UP for the Children’s Week achievement, so I thought it would be great to run it with him.  Just as we decided to run it, our druid hopped on and decided to join the fun.  We pugged the rest of the dps.  That run was so much fun.  The druid had us all cracking up on vent while we were plowing through all the content of the instance.  The bosses went down so quick too!  By the time the first boss came back down from sacrificing someone, it instantly went into sacrificing another.  It was so hilarious.  The other bosses had no chance either.  Our dps was just way too much.  It reminded me of running people through Stockades.  Everything was going down with little effort (at least from my part).  Vent was just so awesome during that run, I loved it.  Those peeps are just so funny and crazy.

A few days later, a priest of ours needed some the healing mace from heroic Nexus.  We decided to bring along a DK and a mage from the guild and pugged another mage to finish the group.  We smoked everything in there.  The amount of AoE dps was unreal, and that included the PuG which wasn’t as geared as the others.  It was nice to be able to chain pull a lot of things at once without worrying about others mana needs as much.  The priest did an excellent job healing and managing their mana.  Unfortunately, none of the pieces we were looking for dropped, but everyone did so well and we had so much fun…. that’s whats it’s all about.

Later that day, we were all sitting around with nothing to do, and someone says that we should do something.  Of course we all agree (which is awesome to go from chatting to everyone hopping on the wagon to go do something).  We decided to try a timed CoT run to try to get one of us our bronze drakes.  The healer (the priest from the above) was kinda hesitant, but I knew how awesome of a healer they were and we were off.  Again it was me getting beat on with our mage, and our DK in the group.  Luckily at that time, another DK from the guild hopped on and we had a full guild run going.  We all run up there (thank God for the portal in Dal) and we were ready for Freddy!  Now, to tell you the truth, I’ve done the times run a fair number of times, and this run had to be one of the best I’ve had.  Between the AoE of the DKs and mage, we went through the waves like they were pulls from Scarlett Monastery.  They went down quick!  Our placement was ok, not the best, but it wasn’t the worst either.  We managed to do the run with plenty of time and I won the roll on the drake (yay!).  The funny thing was that we ran back to talk to Arthas to do the last boss, and he wasn’t there!  Nobody talked to him outside the last door.  We all had a good laugh, but we did notice after activating Arthas, that he spawned some mobs while he was walking.  Now I don’t know if that’s just coincidence or not, but if so it might make runs easier and faster leaving him and coming back later.  Anyways, we all had a great time, and it was good times had by all.

Man, sometimes I get reminded how awesome my guild is on Horde. 🙂

Nobelgarden Fail Part Deux

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eggfailYesterday I posted on the piece of poo called an egg hunt.  Today I want to finish off my Noblegarden posts for this year (omg!  If I can withstand another year of this, God has truly blessed me then).  Now, I don’t want to talk about all of the achievements, because most of them are pointless wastes of time.  I’m sure we all love to fly all over Blizzard’s Multi-colored World to plant stupid flowers.  The sad thing is that someone had to endure the torture of the egg hunt for you to do this quest, just like all the other ones.

Poo!  Got off topic once again.  The achievement I wanted to talk about was the Shake Your Bunny Maker achievement.  Now personally, I think Blizzard spends more time choosing clever achievement names than actually designing the achievements themselves.  This wonderfully named achievement was nothing but wonderful.  Now I’m sure most of the females thought it was so cute putting bunny ears on people.  The problem with this achievement were two things.  First was that there was timer on the ears.  I know it was only two minutes, but still waiting in front of a person just to “bunny” them seems like an eternity.  This also gives an opportunity for rude people to do what they do best; be rude.  Story time!  I was Dalaran on my Alliance toon staring at this female Orc; waiting for the timer to go off.  She is looking around so I do most men have to do to get ANYTHING from a woman, I beg! (ok, that was a joke, plz don’t hurt me 🙂 ) So I try to emote this orc so she’ll pay attention to me.  Finally she points at me and nods.  I’m happy because it’s the last thing I need for the achievement.  So here we are waiting, because she apparently didn’t know she could right click the buff off.  So, I’m waiting…. waiting… waiting…. pull out a cot… and with about 5 seconds left, she laughs at me and runs into the Horde only area!  Epic fail!  People like that should be restricted to lvl 10 so real players can actually have fun.  Anyway…. that brings me to the second annoying thing… the lack of female Orcs/Dwarves/Trolls.  A lot of people were having some issues finding these types.  Why don’t many people play them?  Is it because they are unappealing?  Do they walk funny? (female Trolls do, but I’ve learned to cope with that)  I don’t know.  I did find a wonderful female dwarf just sitting in front of a Dalaran bank letting people “bunny” her.  However, for the rest…. nothing is as pathetic, yet funny, than a big mob chasing a female troll around Dalaran waiting for her ears to go away.  It was like group of starving dogs going for the last piece of steak.  It was like the female troll was like the last woman on Earth and all the guys… well I think you all get the picture.  So it was quite insane chasing people around.  Good thing for me, I play both sides, and I have a wonderful guilde that was nice enough to meet me someone so I could “bunny” her and get the achievement.

In closing, Noblegarden was a big fat waste of space.  It was just full of frustration and discontent with teh rewards.  Way to fail Blizz!

Noblegarden should be renamed to….

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eggfail…”Nobody Likes Garden!”  Blizz’s new anticipated holiday, Noblegarden, has come and past and I’ve got two words… Thank God!  This holiday is the biggest waste of time known to WoW-man.  Just about everyone I’ve talked to (actually it’s everyone, but I don’t want to get stupid comments saying “I liked it blah blah blah”) hated this event, and if you actually did the achievements, you would agree.

First, lets talk about the egg hunt, or as I like to call it “The Frustrating N00b Egg Ninja Wars!!”  So you go to a beginners area and look around for eggs, pretty simple, right?  WRONG!  The correct answer is you go to the beginners area and you YELL/SCREAM/PUNCH PUPPIES/FLAME/GO INSANE AND PUNT YOUR CAT ACROSS THE ROOM while trying to frantically right click stupidly colored eggs that spawn throughout that small area.  I mean come on!  Most people would fight and I’ve even seen people try to bribe their way to good spawning spots so they can camp and get eggs.  Since the spawns are not random and running around in circles is about as mind-numbing as camping, I can see their point.  Besides the point that sitting and waiting for these things is more boring and stupid than watching episodes of the Wiggles; it got even worse when someone /gasp IS CAMPING THE SAME SPOT AS YOU!  OMG!  All heck breaks loose then.  Between the “shoo!”s and the “get away n00bcake”s, its enough to drive anyone insane.  Wow is a cesspool of different types of people.  Unfortunately that includes rude and stupid people.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard yells of things trying to get the mean people trying to “steal” eggs from people.  The funny thing is that people try to actually reason with them only to be met with a “Hahaha” or a “Shut up n00b”.

Now the eggs are gathered for achievements and rewards.  Do do all this, you need at least over 100 eggs minimum.  This is the equivalent to being waterboarded for 30 secs the way I look at it.  It’s complete torture!  And you endure this for what?!  A stupid robe, other stupid clothes, and some flowers that puts bunny ears on people?!  So lame Blizz, so lame.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of actually good rewards.  For all you pet junkies you could get a pretty little bunny to follow you around; and for our Mage friends out there, you got a new polymorph; like you all need another choice out there.  (I have images of ADHD going nuts trying to figure out which animal to turn people into, its another rant for another post)

Blizzard could have done a few simple adjustments to help with all this waste of a holiday.  Having the egg hunt in the beginners areas only…. big mistake!  First off you are limiting the amount of spawn points, so then you get the campers and hence the madness of people stealing eggs.  You also got the n00bs that are like lvl 10 begging for money and help.  They should have done it by starting zones.  A vast area will actually cause people to hunt them rather than camp them.  Another thing is if they were going to put people through all this, at least give them some cool rewards.  Why does Brewfest get nice trinkets (well they were nice at the time).  Why can’t we kill a giant bunny for a nice “Rabbit’s Foot” trinket or something.  Oh well, Blizz didn’t really think this through.

Well, this is already a book, so I’ll continue with the rest of Noblegarden in my next post.  Until then, don’t go near the bunnies!  They are the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodents you’ll ever set your eyes on!  They also have huge, sharp, pointy teeth! 🙂

Double the fun!

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allyhordbanThis past raiding week was a great one.  Both of my alliance and horde guilds successfully downed KT and cleared Nax.

Though the first raiding day was slow and painful, the cleanup session was anything but that.  Everyone was on target with one goal in mind…. clear Nax ASAP!  We blew through the rest of the wings with some amazing DPS.  No boss had a chance against us.  With that amount of firepower we were carrying, we should have raised the terrorist alert level up at least one level.  After clearing the wings, Saph was next.  Saph tried putting up a fight, but it was no use.  On our second attempt, we showed him who’s boss!  We were!  Last, but not least, was good ol’ KT.  After our first couple of wipes, I started to think that we would have to regroup on our last raid night to down him, but no!  Then, it seemed we got a second wind and finally took him down.  It was a grueling fight with many deaths, but victory was ours.  In turn, my wife was rewarded with a great new one handed sword.

On horde, things went so smooth, I felt like I was chillin’ listening to some good ol’ blues music.  We finished the Construct with little to no problem.  We had some new people with us, and let me tell you, they definitely stepped up to the plate.  After making the Construct wing look like Deadmines, we changed our sites to Saph.  It was a joke!  At no point were we close to wiping.  Everyone did exactly what they were suppose to do, even the new people.  We had some excellent heals and dps, and Saph folded like a cheap lawn chair.  Then, we all charge on to KT on a great high.  Last time we fought him, he got the best of us with people going down left and right because of the ice blocks.  Not this time!  After one learning attempt, we took it serious and took him down for the guild’s first Nax clear!  The healers were on point!  Nobody died because of ice blocks.  We had one death, but after they got the battle rez, we were good for the rest of the fight.  I credit this kill to the excellent heals we got, great job to those who know who they are.

Well, there you have it.  I wish all raid weeks could go this well.  Don’t you?!

Go Speedracer Go!

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smhordeOn the Horde side of things, I normally run the Nax runs on progressive nights.  Progressive nights are nights when we try to bring in the big guns and push that final couple of feet.  Now, when I lead, I push full force.  I’m a huge fan of kill first, rejoice later.  I love chain pulling, short explanations, and one shooting bosses.  I strive for this in all my raids I run.  Fortunately I have a group of great people I lead.  They understand my philosophies for raiding and they all understand and comply.  What more can a raid leader want?

One important key to my speed runs is that my OT needs to know when and where to pull.  Normally I and the OT alternate chain pulling and the OT needs to know when to pull and where to.  So far, I’ve been very fortunate to have some smart OTs.  No, they aren’t perfect, but neither am I.  I’m trying to teach them the ropes and telling them that mistakes happen.  The ones in my guild are quick learners.

Another key is having great healers.  To have two tanks constantly pulling, healers need to be on target, and know how to manage their mana well.  I’ve been in a lot of guilds, Horde and Alliance, and I will tell you that the healers we have in this guild are some of the best I’ve had the honor of grouping with.  They know how to play their class, their instincts are sharp, and they know their class well.

Lastly, DPS… oh my dps.  DPS is the biggest piece of the puzzle.  This is because different class compositions, different dps ranges, etc. can make the difference from a slow, turtle run, and a quick smooth one.  However, no matter what, your DPS has to be able to follow directions, focus, and play their class well.  For the most part, most of our DPS is doing quite well.  They all follow directions really well.  Most of them have good enough instincts to make moves without me saying so.  That makes me so happy. 🙂  They are improving on their focus and class, getting better gear, learning their specs and rotations.

We seem to be improving from week to week and hopefully soon we will be clearing Nax in no time.  With the current people we got, I have no doubt we will.  Keep up the good work.

Quick Nax Run? Not On My Watch!

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smallyMy alliance guild is full of great people and great players.  Everyone knows what they are doing.  DPS is great, tanks can hold monstrous amounts of aggro, and healers are top notch.  We, however, have one fatal flaw…. we have a bad tendency to go slower than our potential.  Last night was a great example.  We got down 3 wings in about 2.5 hours.  Now I know some of you are probably thinking to themselves “That is great time”.  Well, for some yes, but for us…. not so.  I know how good the people we have are.  We should be knocking out all 4 wings in 2.5 hours.  I don’t know why but it seems like when the raid starts, people start having issues.  An AFK here, a DC there, a lets die on the gauntlet in the plague wing.  I mean it’s not like it happens once, but it’s like a plague of them.  When a person has to leave it seems like forever to get a replacement and get them there.  I might be exaggerating just a tad, but I’m a git-r-done kinda raider.  When I lead my raids on horde, my goal is to go as fast as possible and my peeps understand that.  Is that so wrong?  I can still have fun and focus to get down content quick.  Oh well, I still have fun, but it’s just frustrating when you have to wait for what seems like forever to get going.  Am I the only one who feels this way?